Finally, experience the wealth of information, entertainment and all the benefits you have heard people talk about in the Internet, but unable to take advantage of it until now. 

NowEASY.Online's intuitive interface and menu system enables you to perform many online activities with a simple point-and-click function.

NowEASY.Online is a refreshing new approach that:

  • Eliminates the confusion by offering you intuitive, categorized menu of activities organized into popular topics such as Entertainment, Health and Wellness, Hobbies, Travel and more;
  • Point-and-click function simplifies complex steps to navigate the internet;
  • Easy, readable lay out of tasks gets you engaged to enjoy using the Internet --most easily NOW!


It's FREE!

NowEASY.Online is absolutely FREE!  No contracts, nothing to pay to use it - ever!  No annoying advertisements to bug or confuse you.  All it takes is to sign up with a username and password, the city/town where you are located (required for locale specific info like weather, local stores and places, local activities and events, etc.)  -- and start using the system.

Inspired by Mom

NowEASY.Online was inspired by an aging mother's desire to connect with family, access online Ministry videos, watch news and events, check the weather, do online shopping -- all the Internet activities that she has heard about but simply unable to do.  Some help enabled her to bookmark special sites -- but lost her way in most cases and had to reboot the computer again, and again.  

Frustrating!  Disappointing!  Stop!

We hear you.  With a senior mom in mind, NowEASY.Online was conceptualized with intuitive interface that aims to help you navigate through the complexities of the Internet with easy to follow menu system.  Its point-and-click functionality takes you to variety of different activities like locate local bookstores, local theaters, cooking recipes, online videos, and more that will fill your day -- most EASILY, Now!

Safe and Secure

NowEASY.Online keeps you from roaming and wandering around the Internet and accidentally clicking into bad ads that introduce malicious computer viruses.  We keep you safe and secured so you only go to places preset for your needs.


NowEASY.Online does not generate any revenue for profit.  We are only able to sustain our operations through the generosity and kindness of our sponsors and users.  Donations go to systems improvement and operational expenses along with promotional activites to reach out to more people out there who would benefit from using NowEASY.Online.

Count yourself in and support us with your donation.  Click the button below:


Soon!  Live Chat and Phone Support

To bring about the utmost experience of the Internet, we intend to support and assist our users to the next level with Live Chat and Phone Support services.  Soon, we will provide live agents who will be on standby to chat or to take in calls with our users' questions or issues.  Our agents will provide "over-the-shoulder" support to go through the step-by-step process of navigating applications like hotel bookings, online shopping, Skype video, Facebook, and so on.  We will use Remote Control technology to navigate our users' desktop while providing assistance and live on-screen tutorials.